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Business opportunities abound in Greater Washington, and Board of Trade members will be the first to hear about it from OPPTY, a special quarterly publication produced by the Greater Washington Board of Trade. Inside the pages of OPPTY, members will find:

  • Analysis of the most important emerging regional business opportunities, complete with information you can act on;
  • Resources to reap the rewards today of tomorrow’s top regional developments; and
  • Insider insight from top regional leaders.

OPPTY Archives

  • Winter 2017
    Baltimore's Port Opportunities
    The New American Office
    The Bible Goes to Washington
  • Winter 2016
    Greater Washington's Cyber Hotbed
    Today's Biggest Threats
    Strategizing a Strong Defense
  • Winter 2013
    Universities power Greater Washington
    Sports: What happens as we win?
    Cyber security's threats and opportunities
    Double-stack freight comes to D.C.
  • Fall 2011
    Marcellus Shale: A Natural Resource with Potential to Reshape our Region
    Union Station Air Rights Development
    Fort Belvoir & BRAC: How It Has Shifted Business
    How the Panama Canal Connect to Greater Washington
  • Spring 2011
    St. Elizabeths: The Biggest Federal Construction since the Pentagon
    Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent
    Rosslyn: Positioned for Business Opportunity
    Connecting Commuter Rail: The Benefits of Regional Run-Through Service


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