Regional Priorities

Committees & Task Forces

The Greater Washington Board of Trade convenes committees to advance its agenda on pressing issues.

Transportation Committee

  • Supports regional coordination to reduce roadway congestion.
  • Helps secure dedicated funding for Metro’s maintenance and expansion.
  • Works to fund new roads, bridges and transit systems and their ongoing maintenance.

Emergency Preparedness Committee

  • Works with federal and local agencies to establish emergency preparedness and business continuity plans for Greater Washington.
  • Develops programs and policies that integrate the private sector into regional emergency response planning.

Green Committee

  • Explores how the region can leverage green policy and business practices to improve productivity, business growth and quality of life.
  • Promotes sustainable business practices by working with federal, state and local governments.
  • Utilizes research, education and best practices to raise awareness of Greater Washington’s green assets and business practices.
  • Supports regional transit-oriented development and alternative transportation.
  • Seeks to establish a regional greenhouse gas reduction target.

Workforce Committee

  • Helps business attract and retain a qualified workforce.
  • Identifies and promotes regional opportunities to attract and grow the workforce.
  • Ensures a good quality of life for the region’s workforce.
  • Identifies and promotes best practices.